First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Today is the beginning of a dream. A dream which began long ago, but through procrastinating, I continued to dream on and tell myself, “Tomorrow”. Well tomorrow never came until today when I finally decided that now is the time because if I hold back, dreams come and nothing is done with them. No more procrastination; no more withholding this “start”, this beginning until every thing is perfect. Today begins with this realization and acceptance that nothing is ever perfect in Earth. Today is the start of  commencing something more than a dream, but a moving into an action.An action whether good or bad, desirable or undesirable begins now.

My “action” will include publishing thoughts, observations, opinions, poems, stories, essays, screen plays, etc. This is an attempt to connect with you the reader and as the reader, perhaps you will find agreement, or pleasure in what I write. Only time will tell.

I hope you enjoy.


Hidden in the light


By Janice Wood


There was a moment

When, all of it made sense.


Now, none of it does.


I move around this world

With such ease.

But I cannot move around

You without blundering.


Feeling so intense,

that when I finally see you,

I don’t even recognize

You are the one.


You dance around me

Like a butterfly.

Hidden in all that light,

And I don’t even see the

Beauty til you’ve gone.


Regrets I have plenty,

They all center around you.




By Janice Wood


The next time someone

Tells you they feel empty,

Think of hollowness,

Think of how a gorged out, ragged,

Raw, nothingness must



If you can feel this,

Then you would know,

How I must feel when,

Not once, but many times.


This time I will get over being ignored,

I will begin to see my value,

Especially if you think to keep


you must belittle me.


Here must be something

really special about me

for you to hold me back.


It is time to plant a

New image in myself,

for me, this time I shall

find something even

more special than just


to love me.


I shall find myself and

Not only love myself,

but respect myself.




by Janice Wood


I watch the circus dance,

I look for gorillas, giraffes,

lions, horses, and dancers.

I look at maps.

I see Continents like Australia.

States like Texas, Florida,

I see countries like Italy,


I search all the places where

any circus might travel


I even see a little dog looking as

if frozen in mid run,

I see a bird feeding its young.

I see a four paned window!


I look at giants like Zeus, Sisyphus,

The Thinker, and the Tragic−Oedipus.

I see the pyramids,

the Sphinx, and hawks and serpents.


I see changing colors from

sun-lit white with backdrops of

the cloudiest of blue,

from the color of steel to iron grays.


All I do is lean back and look straight

ahead at  the slow steady pace of deliberation,

the rhythmical dances

of a never stillness, from the North to South

and underneath those, there,

West to East dance

Once I saw an East to West dance

Under the North to South in 3D.

Breaking down the barrier


By Janice Wood


It never occurred

to me

that someone

could be so


in me

to want to breakdown

the one fear I had….,


Break down that barrier,

Move across the floor to expose my vulnerability

to you

that was all you asked of me,

without words, but

facialy, to

Cover the abyss

by walking

across the room

to you in front of strangers.


All of a second, I understand

what you have been

trying to get me to do.


If only

I had done so…

The Deep Impact of Losing a Loved One

by Janice Wood


Whether in death or in the ending of a relationship, loss can be significant especially if this is the love of strong emotion.  There is a bind that can cause one to input every aspect of one’s life and connect it somehow the person who is the object of love. Though this bind is not always one of conscious thought, it is somehow one of an emotion that answers and joins in culmination of every question as an answer of WHO, WHAT, and HOW to feel about someone.  This individual is the answer even though this recipient may not realize that his, or her every word or action moves in answer to someone else’s question of Love.

This is a mystery because with all of the poems poets have written about Love even with Solomon, No one has yet to define what is this spark the draws Love for an individual? How do we yet define love? Can we place it in a container and sell it? Can we draw its appearance?  Some say, “Yes”

We take pictures of loved ones; we buy perfumes and think that this is what Love smells like; we know that wonderful feeling when only one person can pull a certain feeling.

Still what happens when that love is gone and you wake up one day and you have to deal with the emptiness of loss? Actual loss brings feelings unchained in unexpected realizations of a reality not planned for ever in your dreams of life?  How do you undo the time invested when all  or some of your password revolves around that loved one? What do you do when all of your family is named similar to that love invested in another? How do you change your attitude while sitting in church and the Preacher asks a rhetorical question about letting go?

There is a depth never before expected, never wanted, hard to fathom even plan to deal with if, in case this unexpected thing should happen. Life comes with no  expectations like this. What does One do?

I Dreamt

I dreamt…

by Janice Wood



I dreamt about you being

married, or deeply involved

with someone I am not,

I don’t understand why

I would dream about you,

I thought I had gotten over

You a long time ago,

I should have been dreaming about someone else,

It took a day or so to recall this dream

because as I was dreaming it

disturbed me so, I was a little disjointed until

I remembered what the problem was,

I thought I had gotten

Over you a long time ago.

I should be dreaming about someone else.


the day is canceled

 the day is canceled


by Janice Wood



people still turn on their tv’s at home

-at work we turn to the internet


i couldn’t get on the internet that morning,

after I heard.

-so I kept trying


i go to my “favorites”

-go to every news group,

the process is too slow for me to wait any longer


i try to remember obscure names of newspapers

around the country –not on my “favorites” list

one name works…

-a picture downloads slowly


-a picture on the front page verifies what i am hearing

one jet crashes into the world trade center.


people still turn on their tv’s at home

-at work we turn to the internet


suddenly, I remember the day Kennedy was shot

-i feel the same kind of nausea.

-i  feel the same kind of silence.


our science teacher stops class

to make the announcement about Kennedy

-we hear it, but can’t quite take it all in


she says, “go home, class”.


i walk down the blocks heading home

and the sky seems to be a hazy yellow-pink in my confusion


i reach home; I am the first one there.

i sink into a chair and turn on the tv


-the picture shows a second jet heading for the world trade center…


second tower is hit


I go into my bosses’ office

-she  is on the internet…


she says, “go home”


-I go home and turn on the tv