by Janice Wood


I thought today how funny it all is

The effort, the expense of energy

To change things against all odds.


I thought today how strange the world

Is behaving when it seems we have

Lost our way.


I had forgotten, too.

there is always another solution.

We just reach out and want to believe

That it is up to us.

We want to believe that it is up to us.


Have we all forgotten our sense?

Have we all abandoned our inner voice?

That sound

that always speaks to you when we ask a question?

Do we listen to the answer and ignore it?

Do you still hear it- Or is it drowned

Out under today’s distractions?


I had forgotten to listen

What reminded me was

I remembered I was missing


I went searching.

I went on a quest.


I could tell no one because I could not remember what I

was searching for. So I,

Went to the market;

I went to the shoe store;

I went to church. I went to school

I visited friends.

I waited for someone to remind me.

I went everywhere. I even visited other countries.


Then once in a dream, I heard someone

Speak my name.

I awakened, I remembered.

Now I listen all the time.


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