Sometimes, you have to remind yourself….

Wake up!  Hey!  You have been sleeping for 27 years.


Start dreaming the right way!


It was one of those grey days. The entire texture of the “ being outside” involved  layers of the lightest gray to in-between the darkest of gray. Even the clouds displayed a palette of unimaginable with the backdrop of light shimmering through behind the clouds exposing the various borders of separation , some were wavy, some circular, some curves, some even square, and there was even more shapes, different shapes.  The only thing is… you would have to look up to see the lights shinning through the grays to grasp, to actually appreciate…

There are times when you want to remember something, but you did not record it; did not put it down for memory. How is it that on those days, you want to talk to the World as if you have something quite profound to say.

I need to wake up from this dream before Mickey arrives and tells me how dismal everything was and is, before she breaks up with me…

( Character creation… working on something here, just wanted to share it with you. )




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