The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

by Janice Wood


Words unspoken, the Oldest of Three

By Janice Wood

I am words unspoken,

Unspoken words of love, and treasures,

What you feel, what I feel for you


When you first awaken,

Before you stir,

Just before you open your eyes.

Yes that is me,

That smile.

I am words unspoken,



slightly uncomfortable,

look up suddenly,

wondering, slight smile,

words unspoken,

Feelings remain new, full of surprises,

evanescent thought,

You may never always love me.

Your feelings for me may never tire.

You may always search for me, smiling.

You may need to express me again and again,

In newer ways, in sweeter ways, in the sun,

With the rain, some how you always

search me out!

words unspoken,

Always new, alive, effervesce,

Willing to be adventurous, dangerous, sweet, chilling,

Not ever mundane, not ever ordinary,

Always thrilling, motivating, captivating,

Creating a smile.

How do I know?

ideas unbounded and eternal,

As the First of Three in my family,

I come as Thought.


Second Sister

As the Second of Three,

I am Words.

I create ripples in the Universe,

tear at the fabric of Peace, and Turmoil.


I can cause rest, and or revolt,

can cease and desist, or thrive and grow,

I can harmonize in octaves like Sound.

The intensity of choice vibrates.


I can create pictures in colors,

Where colors create feelings of moods

So intense that you love, or cry love.

but only if you can already see.


Imagination does not revolve around me here.

I am the Third, and so with my strengths,

I am still acceptable.

I have a step-Sister named Action.

She does what We say!


Third Sister

I do what others cannot,

I move around or stand still at will,

I show not tell.

Want to see a picture?

Let show you something…,

What do ya see?

No language can contain all of me.

Understanding is strictly visual,

Look and see all of it

Hungry? Gripping?

Happy? Shocking. Sad?

Put your hands together!



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