Heaven on earth

by Janice Wood


You’re Up and you’re down

You’re running around,

You’re fast then you are slow.

You stop, then you go.


You’re hot and you’re cold.

You are “yes”, then you are “No”,

You’re In, then You’re Out.


I’m starting to doubt what this

is all about…,


I touch the window-pane,

Trying to slip into another plane,

Not that easy, but yes it feels as if

it should be.


My Soul is bigger than my body.

Yet, I always thought the opposite.

I always thought that my Soul was in my body.


I thought what encompassed Heaven on earth was not on       earth, but on another plane elsewhere, up there….

I want Heaven on earth.

To slip into the realm of Bliss and Innocence,

While knowing with certainty what I ask for

I will receive….

Words, any word or words spoken with power and love, conviction and reverence brings forth life and destiny…

It is true.

Do not move into another realm without this recognition

Move through that pane of glass like one who moves through the molecules with ease and deftness.



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