that cold hearted bitch

that cold hearted bitch © 2014

Janice Wood


that cold hearted bitch

would just stand there

and watch you cry.


that  cold hearted bitch

could just stand there

and  not make a move

to console,

to give into you.


under all that apparent rejection

stands one so afraid to hold you,

one who is in fear of showing

emotions like love.


it would then mean

that she is weaker for you

than she wants you to know.


she cannot tell you why,

she does not know,

fear has its grip on her

manipulating her

and she does not know,


but you do not see either,

that her love, her fear,

has her



You cannot see that she has to

Work it out,

That she has to forgive and love

Herself  beyond,

Or that


What you see is

that cold hearted



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