I Dreamt

I dreamt…

by Janice Wood



I dreamt about you being

married, or deeply involved

with someone I am not,

I don’t understand why

I would dream about you,

I thought I had gotten over

You a long time ago,

I should have been dreaming about someone else,

It took a day or so to recall this dream

because as I was dreaming it

disturbed me so, I was a little disjointed until

I remembered what the problem was,

I thought I had gotten

Over you a long time ago.

I should be dreaming about someone else.



the day is canceled

 the day is canceled


by Janice Wood



people still turn on their tv’s at home

-at work we turn to the internet


i couldn’t get on the internet that morning,

after I heard.

-so I kept trying


i go to my “favorites”

-go to every news group,

the process is too slow for me to wait any longer


i try to remember obscure names of newspapers

around the country –not on my “favorites” list

one name works…

-a picture downloads slowly


-a picture on the front page verifies what i am hearing

one jet crashes into the world trade center.


people still turn on their tv’s at home

-at work we turn to the internet


suddenly, I remember the day Kennedy was shot

-i feel the same kind of nausea.

-i  feel the same kind of silence.


our science teacher stops class

to make the announcement about Kennedy

-we hear it, but can’t quite take it all in


she says, “go home, class”.


i walk down the blocks heading home

and the sky seems to be a hazy yellow-pink in my confusion


i reach home; I am the first one there.

i sink into a chair and turn on the tv


-the picture shows a second jet heading for the world trade center…


second tower is hit


I go into my bosses’ office

-she  is on the internet…


she says, “go home”


-I go home and turn on the tv

She Loved Him, Then…

She Loved him, Then

by Janice Wood


She loved him , then

They talked as lovers often do—

  soft and cooingly, touching and gently,

about dreams, about plans for the future,

sharing ideas and thoughts shared with no one else…,

scenarios for the future and in the event of…

She spoke of desires, and knowing

a feeling of having been with someone for

forty , or fifty years, and what it would be like.

He mentioned his desire for the finality of his life.

Cremation and her task in sending him on his way.

Of having his ashes fill the air

and spreading out over the waters of the tri-rivers’ neck

She loved him, then.

On what would have been their tenth anniversary,

someone mailed his ashes to her.

He never made any changes.

They only lasted three years.

Infidelity, over and over.

Instead, she flushed the toilet….