Words Speak Life! Death!

Words Have Life…

by Janice Wood

Words have life. Words are a form of communication where ideas are applied creating sensations, imagery, even creating reality for the reader or listener just by tapping the imagination. In order to be clearly understood, communication must be effective. Effectiveness in communication through any language cannot be happenstance; it must be precise in conveying a message, any message. For many writers, words are chosen, not merely randomly used because that was the first choice. Word choice perhaps creates an impression, delivering a concise meaning. I want to be such a writer, or speaker.

I hope to become a deliberate communicator. One who chooses words concisely and delivers message after message in many different styles. I would like to carry readers on a journey, into a world of thought far beyond the confines of the present. Delivering readers into thoughts seeing cloudiness, of rays of sunshine or into depths of blues and grays where one can see a myriad of colors in another’s life. I would like to take the reader to a place where the colors represent intensities of emotion or degrees of shadows in clear perceptions and vivid understanding.

While studying various theories and the people who wrote literary works more closely as a graduate student, I will look for proof and not just see on face value. To question the assumption that the writer’s words were somehow magically picked from some divine intervention, but struggled for and rewarded. Then again through examination, maybe that is what I will conclude in the end, but not haphazardly.

Words have life. The journey into the realm of expression is of such possibility where words become life and revolving around the universe seeding reality within it’s pages. The power of the spoken and read word cannot be denied. Such influence can summon up the existence one lives. Words are truly so powerful that one must chose carefully how one paints not just a picture, but a journey through many worlds.

Speak with caution. Remember your words create life and death, if not in others, in yourself. You really do manifest your successes, or failures in that very moment when you feel, literally feel powerful, or weakness. When that emotion is raw and is being born… There are moments when you really do create unaware and sometimes, too late.


Response to one word: Nervous

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Fear of some sort which can cause a paralysis. An inability to move forward, or away from the stimulus of fear, Maybe we all experience some sort of nervousness, several examples could be stage fright, fear of speaking up for oneself in a difficult situation, moving out of the way of a rampaging animal or a speeding vehicle.

Other types examples could involve fear of being alone, thinking badly of oneself, or involuntary movements like shaking uncontrollably.

Fear is something we all feel at some time or other, but does it define us? Maybe, yes for some, not for others; each of us quietly determines a solution, if we can find it. Some can; others cannot and might feel trapped. Revolving around in a kind of endless vortex.

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Today is the beginning of a dream. A dream which began long ago, but through procrastinating, I continued to dream on and tell myself, “Tomorrow”. Well tomorrow never came until today when I finally decided that now is the time because if I hold back, dreams come and nothing is done with them. No more procrastination; no more withholding this “start”, this beginning until every thing is perfect. Today begins with this realization and acceptance that nothing is ever perfect in Earth. Today is the start of  commencing something more than a dream, but a moving into an action.An action whether good or bad, desirable or undesirable begins now.

My “action” will include publishing thoughts, observations, opinions, poems, stories, essays, screen plays, etc. This is an attempt to connect with you the reader and as the reader, perhaps you will find agreement, or pleasure in what I write. Only time will tell.

I hope you enjoy.