I Dreamt

I dreamt…

by Janice Wood



I dreamt about you being

married, or deeply involved

with someone I am not,

I don’t understand why

I would dream about you,

I thought I had gotten over

You a long time ago,

I should have been dreaming about someone else,

It took a day or so to recall this dream

because as I was dreaming it

disturbed me so, I was a little disjointed until

I remembered what the problem was,

I thought I had gotten

Over you a long time ago.

I should be dreaming about someone else.



the day is canceled

 the day is canceled


by Janice Wood



people still turn on their tv’s at home

-at work we turn to the internet


i couldn’t get on the internet that morning,

after I heard.

-so I kept trying


i go to my “favorites”

-go to every news group,

the process is too slow for me to wait any longer


i try to remember obscure names of newspapers

around the country –not on my “favorites” list

one name works…

-a picture downloads slowly


-a picture on the front page verifies what i am hearing

one jet crashes into the world trade center.


people still turn on their tv’s at home

-at work we turn to the internet


suddenly, I remember the day Kennedy was shot

-i feel the same kind of nausea.

-i  feel the same kind of silence.


our science teacher stops class

to make the announcement about Kennedy

-we hear it, but can’t quite take it all in


she says, “go home, class”.


i walk down the blocks heading home

and the sky seems to be a hazy yellow-pink in my confusion


i reach home; I am the first one there.

i sink into a chair and turn on the tv


-the picture shows a second jet heading for the world trade center…


second tower is hit


I go into my bosses’ office

-she  is on the internet…


she says, “go home”


-I go home and turn on the tv

That Quiet Roar…

That quiet roar of the Inner Voice

by Janice Wood


I thought today how funny it all is

The effort, the expense of energy

To change things against all odds.

I thought today how strange the world

Is behaving when it seems we have

Lost our way.

I had forgotten, too.


there is always another solution.

We just reach out and want to believe

That it is up to us.

We want to believe that it is up to us.

Have we all forgotten our sense?

Have we all abandoned our inner voice?

That sound


that always speaks to you when we ask a question?

Do we listen to the answer and ignore it?

Do you still hear it- Or is it drowned

Out under today’s distractions?

I had forgotten to listen

What reminded me was

I remembered I was missing



I went searching.

I went on a quest.

I could tell no one because I could not remember what I

was searching for. So I,

Went to the market;

I went to the shoe store;

I went to church. I went to school

I visited friends.


I waited for someone to remind me.

I went everywhere. I even visited other countries.

Then once in a dream, I heard someone

Speak my name, I awakened, I remembered.



by Janice Wood

You have stirred passions in me that I try to keep a lid on.


Who cannot stand heights-

Would jump off of a cliff

(If I were to survive unharmed)

for you if it would impress and win you over to me.

I would soar above the

Heavens (with God’s grace) and

Land perfectly on one foot

In a graceful pose just to

Impress you-if I could.

But I fall apart in your presence

my willingness becomes a mono-word-yes-no-okay

My grace moves away from me

And in moves clumsiness

Yes, I become as a

twelve year old child in the presence of the one who

really stirs my passion.

I cannot be the carefree easy go lucky idiot that every one simply adores.

One who has no worries of whether

Others are impressed with my grace my wit,

my charm because I know I have accomplished just that.

But you do not see this part of me.

My heroism stumbles into recession.

My mind gropes to bring this forward.

My self holds it back.

My heart prays that you will be patient and

get to know me anyway.

You cannot love what you do not see. And you don’t love what you do see.

Have I just told you that I love you?

What Is My Name?

What Is My Name?

by Janice Wood

What is my name?

Quel est mon nom?

What do you think of

When you first see me, or

After you get to know me?

What’s my name?

Who do you see?

What do you feel?

Comment ça va?

I have other names so that

When I hear someone else call me

I will know from whence they came

Before I turn around.

Are you someone from my past

Or my present?

If they call me, “jay double you”,

I will know this is from my past.

If they call me, “JDub”

Then I know the present.

If they call me—,

Then I will know they know me

From this dot on the timeline.

I will know how to respond

When I turn around-

To either greet the past or

The present.

What’s my name?

that cold hearted bitch

that cold hearted bitch © 2014

Janice Wood


that cold hearted bitch

would just stand there

and watch you cry.


that  cold hearted bitch

could just stand there

and  not make a move

to console,

to give into you.


under all that apparent rejection

stands one so afraid to hold you,

one who is in fear of showing

emotions like love.


it would then mean

that she is weaker for you

than she wants you to know.


she cannot tell you why,

she does not know,

fear has its grip on her

manipulating her

and she does not know,


but you do not see either,

that her love, her fear,

has her



You cannot see that she has to

Work it out,

That she has to forgive and love

Herself  beyond,

Or that


What you see is

that cold hearted


Now at this Moment

Now at this Moment

Janice Wood

Now at this Moment,

I awakened with music singing,

and dancing in my heart!

and you whoever you are, were

dancing with me.

We were in synch with the beat,

Swinging, step for step,

What a way to wake up!

Music in my heart,

such a wonderful feeling,

I actually woke up dancing…,

My hand, my feet, my toes,

Moving, dancing happiness with

Pleasant anticipation…