Have You Ever….?

Have you ever met someone who just opened up a new view of life to you soooooo unexpectedly? This person, who is very new to you suddenly says or does something and all of a sudden you See differently. Do you take a second look at this person? Do you smile? Laugh? Wonder?

This poem is about someone you kissed…

That Kiss

by Janice Wood


You kissed me once,

I want another…,

And another…,

I want another kiss from you,

Just from you,

It matters not where we are,

On the subway, in a plane,

On the walkway

Just one more before I

expire alone.


Take me there…,

Take Me to Shangri-La

With your “Yes-es”,

There is


Passion in the hands,

Moments of transition to

Wonderful realms


Those eyes tell the truth with that smile,

They look, into my soul,

those eyes speaking to me,

In my dreams,

Looking over me,


I cannot stay away.

don’t tell me to stay away.


Let me dance

Around that island,

and then please,

invite me


Kiss Me

Hot like the Sun

But don’t make me blister

Let there be sizzle so

I know who I

am with,


Kiss Me

Hot like the Sun

But don’t make me blister

Let there be sizzle so

I know who I

am with


with you in it,

the world is ours!



I want another kiss

from you,


kiss me!


So that I can drizzle ,

-a little…



That don’t make no sense,

I cannot carry-on like this

No more,


I am too damn old ,

To be a Fool, for you

This is not how

It is done.

Logic does not fit what am I talking bout?

Love fits nowhere,

It just is…

Love is…

Love is what I feel

That cann not be explained,

Oh- oh- oh – oh –oh, ph!

It has no rhyme, no reason,

To make anyone  else

Understand, They can only accept!


Explain It?

Can You?

Go Ahead and try!

Why does he love her,

Why does she love him?

Why does she love her?

Why doe s He love him?

Go on explain it, live it,

Live it! Make it live, give it life!