What Is My Name?

What Is My Name?

by Janice Wood

What is my name?

Quel est mon nom?

What do you think of

When you first see me, or

After you get to know me?

What’s my name?

Who do you see?

What do you feel?

Comment ça va?

I have other names so that

When I hear someone else call me

I will know from whence they came

Before I turn around.

Are you someone from my past

Or my present?

If they call me, “jay double you”,

I will know this is from my past.

If they call me, “JDub”

Then I know the present.

If they call me—,

Then I will know they know me

From this dot on the timeline.

I will know how to respond

When I turn around-

To either greet the past or

The present.

What’s my name?


that cold hearted bitch

that cold hearted bitch © 2014

Janice Wood


that cold hearted bitch

would just stand there

and watch you cry.


that  cold hearted bitch

could just stand there

and  not make a move

to console,

to give into you.


under all that apparent rejection

stands one so afraid to hold you,

one who is in fear of showing

emotions like love.


it would then mean

that she is weaker for you

than she wants you to know.


she cannot tell you why,

she does not know,

fear has its grip on her

manipulating her

and she does not know,


but you do not see either,

that her love, her fear,

has her



You cannot see that she has to

Work it out,

That she has to forgive and love

Herself  beyond,

Or that


What you see is

that cold hearted


Now at this Moment

Now at this Moment

Janice Wood

Now at this Moment,

I awakened with music singing,

and dancing in my heart!

and you whoever you are, were

dancing with me.

We were in synch with the beat,

Swinging, step for step,

What a way to wake up!

Music in my heart,

such a wonderful feeling,

I actually woke up dancing…,

My hand, my feet, my toes,

Moving, dancing happiness with

Pleasant anticipation…


Two Adams

The Two Adams

Inspired by Neville Goddard

By Janice Wood


Adam and Jesus: 25th chapter of Genesis; 1st birth man, 2nd birth spirit.


Esau and Jacob, covered in hair and one smooth; Physical, spirit;


I tell you now that I am of two,

Covered by one

And living as the second.


While I sleep and dream,

My second self awakens,

and moves freely, about,


My first self lives in Reason, confined,

My second self lives in conflict

with this World.


As I mature in the Reason,

I reject my dreams, in doubt

as they push forward.


As I older,

I wonder what is in this

Non physical…

Not realizing this is the lasting

Ruler in eternity…

Already here


Creative Musings


The Little Girl Who loved the Rain

By Janice Wood

Synopsis: The little girl who loved in the rain so much she slept in the rain wearing her rubber boots, her rubber hooded rain coat, her wooden umbrella even with her rubber gloves.

Her mother and father gave no thought to her eccentricities because she was very smart. They knew she was too intelligent to put herself in danger of lightening and thunder.

Well she loved the rain so much that she went walking around the lake one block from her house in Byrd Park. That day, not long ago maybe one week ago, Sydney went out into the rain wearing her paraphernalia armed with her umbrella.

Now the umbrella was a gift from Aunt Lea. It was one of those clear plastic tulip shaped umbrellas that cover you from head to your pockets. You could see all around you. You can look up at the sky and see the rain falling down on top of the umbrella, or you turn to your right or your left and look at the direction of the rain without getting wet or even feeling the wind. She loved it.

Syd had the brilliant idea. All of a sudden she saw it in a flash. She wanted to go out and lie down and look up and watch the rain clouds moving. She felt that if she did that then she would be able to watch everything happening above her while it rained. Syd was very curious about everything concerning the weather when it rained after all she was going to be the rain expert she had to see it all.

So she went out onto the patio and she laid down on the chaise lounge with the umbrella. She opened it up and looked up at the clouds while lying there, and the raindrops as they fell onto the umbrella. Syd was more than ecstatic; she was thrilled. “Fantastic”, she thought. “Simply Marvelous”, she said in awe. Cocking her head to one side she thought she would use her Mother’s very words to express her delight. This startled her because she thought she always modeled herself after her father, he was after all her hero and she wanted to be just like him, growing up she had always been told that she looked just like him and if she had been a boy, she would have been named Jr.


Heaven on earth

by Janice Wood


You’re Up and you’re down

You’re running around,

You’re fast then you are slow.

You stop, then you go.


You’re hot and you’re cold.

You are “yes”, then you are “No”,

You’re In, then You’re Out.


I’m starting to doubt what this

is all about…,


I touch the window-pane,

Trying to slip into another plane,

Not that easy, but yes it feels as if

it should be.


My Soul is bigger than my body.

Yet, I always thought the opposite.

I always thought that my Soul was in my body.


I thought what encompassed Heaven on earth was not on       earth, but on another plane elsewhere, up there….

I want Heaven on earth.

To slip into the realm of Bliss and Innocence,

While knowing with certainty what I ask for

I will receive….

Words, any word or words spoken with power and love, conviction and reverence brings forth life and destiny…

It is true.

Do not move into another realm without this recognition

Move through that pane of glass like one who moves through the molecules with ease and deftness.