by Janice Wood

You have stirred passions in me that I try to keep a lid on.


Who cannot stand heights-

Would jump off of a cliff

(If I were to survive unharmed)

for you if it would impress and win you over to me.

I would soar above the

Heavens (with God’s grace) and

Land perfectly on one foot

In a graceful pose just to

Impress you-if I could.

But I fall apart in your presence

my willingness becomes a mono-word-yes-no-okay

My grace moves away from me

And in moves clumsiness

Yes, I become as a

twelve year old child in the presence of the one who

 really stirs my passion.

I cannot be the carefree easy go lucky idiot that every one simply adores.

One who has no worries of whether

Others are impressed with my grace my wit,

 my charm because I know I have accomplished just that.

But you do not see this part of me.

 My heroism stumbles into recession.

 My mind gropes to bring this forward.

My self holds it back.

My heart prays that you will be patient and

get to know me anyway.

You cannot love what you do not see. And you don’t love what you do see.

Have I just told you that I love you?






by Janice Wood


I thought today how funny it all is

The effort, the expense of energy

To change things against all odds.


I thought today how strange the world

Is behaving when it seems we have

Lost our way.


I had forgotten, too.

there is always another solution.

We just reach out and want to believe

That it is up to us.

We want to believe that it is up to us.


Have we all forgotten our sense?

Have we all abandoned our inner voice?

That sound

that always speaks to you when we ask a question?

Do we listen to the answer and ignore it?

Do you still hear it- Or is it drowned

Out under today’s distractions?


I had forgotten to listen

What reminded me was

I remembered I was missing


I went searching.

I went on a quest.


I could tell no one because I could not remember what I

was searching for. So I,

Went to the market;

I went to the shoe store;

I went to church. I went to school

I visited friends.

I waited for someone to remind me.

I went everywhere. I even visited other countries.


Then once in a dream, I heard someone

Speak my name.

I awakened, I remembered.

Now I listen all the time.

Sometimes, you have to remind yourself….

Wake up!  Hey!  You have been sleeping for 27 years.


Start dreaming the right way!


It was one of those grey days. The entire texture of the “ being outside” involved  layers of the lightest gray to in-between the darkest of gray. Even the clouds displayed a palette of unimaginable with the backdrop of light shimmering through behind the clouds exposing the various borders of separation , some were wavy, some circular, some curves, some even square, and there was even more shapes, different shapes.  The only thing is… you would have to look up to see the lights shinning through the grays to grasp, to actually appreciate…

There are times when you want to remember something, but you did not record it; did not put it down for memory. How is it that on those days, you want to talk to the World as if you have something quite profound to say.

I need to wake up from this dream before Mickey arrives and tells me how dismal everything was and is, before she breaks up with me…

( Character creation… working on something here, just wanted to share it with you. )



She Loved Him, Then…

She Loved him, Then

by Janice Wood


She loved him , then

They talked as lovers often do—

  soft and cooingly, touching and gently,

about dreams, about plans for the future,

sharing ideas and thoughts shared with no one else…,

scenarios for the future and in the event of…

She spoke of desires, and knowing

a feeling of having been with someone for

forty , or fifty years, and what it would be like.

He mentioned his desire for the finality of his life.

Cremation and her task in sending him on his way.

Of having his ashes fill the air

and spreading out over the waters of the tri-rivers’ neck

She loved him, then.

On what would have been their tenth anniversary,

someone mailed his ashes to her.

He never made any changes.

They only lasted three years.

Infidelity, over and over.

Instead, she flushed the toilet….

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

by Janice Wood


Words unspoken, the Oldest of Three

By Janice Wood

I am words unspoken,

Unspoken words of love, and treasures,

What you feel, what I feel for you


When you first awaken,

Before you stir,

Just before you open your eyes.

Yes that is me,

That smile.

I am words unspoken,



slightly uncomfortable,

look up suddenly,

wondering, slight smile,

words unspoken,

Feelings remain new, full of surprises,

evanescent thought,

You may never always love me.

Your feelings for me may never tire.

You may always search for me, smiling.

You may need to express me again and again,

In newer ways, in sweeter ways, in the sun,

With the rain, some how you always

search me out!

words unspoken,

Always new, alive, effervesce,

Willing to be adventurous, dangerous, sweet, chilling,

Not ever mundane, not ever ordinary,

Always thrilling, motivating, captivating,

Creating a smile.

How do I know?

ideas unbounded and eternal,

As the First of Three in my family,

I come as Thought.


Second Sister

As the Second of Three,

I am Words.

I create ripples in the Universe,

tear at the fabric of Peace, and Turmoil.


I can cause rest, and or revolt,

can cease and desist, or thrive and grow,

I can harmonize in octaves like Sound.

The intensity of choice vibrates.


I can create pictures in colors,

Where colors create feelings of moods

So intense that you love, or cry love.

but only if you can already see.


Imagination does not revolve around me here.

I am the Third, and so with my strengths,

I am still acceptable.

I have a step-Sister named Action.

She does what We say!


Third Sister

I do what others cannot,

I move around or stand still at will,

I show not tell.

Want to see a picture?

Let show you something…,

What do ya see?

No language can contain all of me.

Understanding is strictly visual,

Look and see all of it

Hungry? Gripping?

Happy? Shocking. Sad?

Put your hands together!


Response to one word: Nervous

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Fear of some sort which can cause a paralysis. An inability to move forward, or away from the stimulus of fear, Maybe we all experience some sort of nervousness, several examples could be stage fright, fear of speaking up for oneself in a difficult situation, moving out of the way of a rampaging animal or a speeding vehicle.

Other types examples could involve fear of being alone, thinking badly of oneself, or involuntary movements like shaking uncontrollably.

Fear is something we all feel at some time or other, but does it define us? Maybe, yes for some, not for others; each of us quietly determines a solution, if we can find it. Some can; others cannot and might feel trapped. Revolving around in a kind of endless vortex.

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Today is the beginning of a dream. A dream which began long ago, but through procrastinating, I continued to dream on and tell myself, “Tomorrow”. Well tomorrow never came until today when I finally decided that now is the time because if I hold back, dreams come and nothing is done with them. No more procrastination; no more withholding this “start”, this beginning until every thing is perfect. Today begins with this realization and acceptance that nothing is ever perfect in Earth. Today is the start of  commencing something more than a dream, but a moving into an action.An action whether good or bad, desirable or undesirable begins now.

My “action” will include publishing thoughts, observations, opinions, poems, stories, essays, screen plays, etc. This is an attempt to connect with you the reader and as the reader, perhaps you will find agreement, or pleasure in what I write. Only time will tell.

I hope you enjoy.